Miyata Lab / 宮田研究室

Department of Information Science, College of Humanities and Sciences, Nihon University / 日本大学 文理学部 情報科学科

Concept of Miyata Lab

Designing human-friendly computers

We aim for human-friendly computers by appropriately combining HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) technologies. Our mission is to provide means to avoid physical, psychological, and social barriers.

With the rapid development of technologies such as AI and IoT, our lives are becoming more and more convenient. However, there are many vulnerable people in society who are forced to suffer inconvenience for various reasons. For example, people who have difficulty going out for physical reasons, people who cannot communicate well with others for psychological reasons, and people who are forced to endure unnecessary hardships for social reasons. There is also the problem of ICT vulnerable people, who are forced to live in relative inconvenience due to their inability to use rapidly developing technology.

Through research and development of applications that can be used without practice, interactive systems that take into account sensitive psychological states, and human interfaces that can be used unconsciously, we aim to realize a world where vulnerable people can avoid physical, psychological, and social barriers.

Details of research themes

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